Procomil delay spray for men ejaculation


    • Procomil delay spray for men ejaculation helps with premature ejaculation by reducing sensitivity
    • Increases your enjoyment and confidence
    • Helps you last longer

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Procomil Delay Spray for men Ejaculation desensitizes the penis when sprayed. It’s sprayed onto the skin-surface of the penis few minutes before sexual intercourse. Depending on the degree of reduction in sensitivity desired 2 or 3 short sprayings are required.

Procomil, a delay spray enriched with Vitamin E, functions by numbing the sensitivity of the penis when applied to its tip. Its effects become noticeable within just 5 minutes after application. Following its usage, sexual activity can be extended by up to 10 times the usual duration. Recognized colloquially as the “stud spray,” it has gained this nickname due to its remarkable capacity to prolong sexual performance, allowing individuals to fully please their partners and potentially leading to multiple orgasms for them. Premature ejaculation, a prevalent condition that impacts a substantial number (approximately 75 percent) of men at some point in their lives, is effectively addressed by Procomil delay spray. This product is highly recommended for those who encounter challenges in attaining complete sexual contentment as a result of premature ejaculation.

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