Egg masturbator


  • Warm and sensational
  • Realistic Vagina Feel
  • Discreet and easy to carry about
  • Stretchy and fits every penis size

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TENGA Pocket Pussy Realistic Vagina Penis Sleeve Mini Masturbator For Man Lubricant Inside Sex Toys Adult Products

Open only the palm-sized shell, out of the soft super-elastic objects.

Such a small thing can play a role in it! ?

It uses super-elastic material, can extend a long, No matter what your penis size is, you can use it.

Telescopic pleasure, Surprise after opening! Use comfortable!

A bit like wearing a condom, you can feel the temperature of the hand, the use of very convenient.

1, open the ” shell ”
2, add lubricant

3, start the game Soft as a tender skin! The software hasa very good elasticity and you can feel more fun stretching it.
Original imported, Quality Assurance


EGG-018 text revised
EGG-013 usage
EGG-VP6(3) pleasure


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